The 2019 YNGHA Conference will be at the Doubletree Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas, October 4 – 6, 2019. The room rate is $109.00/night. More details about the venue and location are at the Conference Announcement page. Registration may be made online or via US Mail.


The Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association (YNGHA) serves as an umbrella organziation for the extended Yarbrough and allied families. Our families are primarily located in the United States and the British Isles. There are over a hundred–fifty variant spellings of our name; however we spell our surname, we are all Yarbroughs. The House of Yarborough, one of the oldest in Great Britain, traces its roots back to the mid–ninth century, AD. We've been in the New World since ca 1642, when Richard ("The Immigrant") Yarborough arrived and settled on the Mattaponi River in the Virginia Colony. Since then, the family has spread across the southeastern and southwestern states and the far west, with others scattered across the rest of the country.

We are a not-for-profit organization, created when a group of dedicated family members came together to correct the grave marker of the family's oldest known ancestor. We are the keepers of the heritage and history of our extended families, and this site is configured to share as much as possible with our family members.

Since digitizing our collection of family records, we have provided a copy of these records to selected libraries in states with a large number of Yarbrough and allied families.

If you are a Yarbrough, however you spell your surname, or are a member of an allied family, we invite you to join our association. Dues are only $15.00/year, and they are used to cover the cost of our website and of publishing the Yarbrough Family Quarterly, as well as helping with various projects that the association undertakes.

We also solicit family stories and clippings concerning family activities. These might appear to be trivial, but they can help someone else in his/her search for ancestral data. So, send us your story. Don't worry about the grammar and syntax; just send it to the and we will do the rest.

Besides information about the extended Yarbrough and allied families, we have tips for family researchers, as well as information about DNA testing.

If you have or know of a local Yarbrough family reunion or if you are a member of a local historical society, the YNGHA would be pleased to provide a speaker for the occasion. Just contact the . We will also gladly post announcements about family reunions, as well as suggested site links. Please send to the . No ads, please.

We're Going to Little Rock!

(River Front View of Little Rock, Arkansas)

The venue is the Doubletree Inn. There are over 1,400 Yarbrough families (more, if our allied families are included) residing in Arkansas, so we have an opportunity to meet our cousins there!

There's plenty to see in Little Rock — the Clinton Library, Street Cars, the Old State House Museum, the Arkansas Arts Center, a water park, and the River Market.

The entire set of Yarbrough Family Records will be available for researchers, along with interesting seminars and workshops. There will the closing banquet, and some entertainment. It's also the occasion for the Association's annual business meeting.

Take time to view the Conference Page for details concerning the conference, registration, and room reservations and amenities.

(Yep, there are still streetcars!)

The April Quarterly is here!

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Family Reunion?

If you are planning, or if you know of, a Yarbrough family reunion, let us know. We'll gladly post it here. Also, if a speaker is needed for a reunion or historical society meeting/event, contact us at .

Visit Our FaceBook Page

Take time to visit the YNGHA Group Page on Facebook. There's always something of interest on the Yarbrough Group page. It's a great way to pose questions or ask for information about family lineages.

While the PDF files at this site may be opened with the viewer's browser, it is better to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

There are other renditions of the Yarbrough crest, as well as a detailed explanation of the heraldry of the crest.

The Great Window at Heslington Hall, York University, York, UK.

Old Blandford Church and Cemetery

The oldest known family immigrant, Richard Yarborough (1615 – 1702), was the first to be interred here.

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