The Yarbrough Heraldry

Crest rendition by Family-Crests

The heraldic description is as follows:

  • Name: Yarb(o)rough
  • Record: 18792
  • Wilmsby, Lincolnshire., England.
  • Arms: Per pale argent and azure, a chevron between three chaplets all counterchanged.
  • Crest: A falcon close or, belled gold, preying on a cock pheasant (or duck) proper.
  • Motto: Non est sine pulvere palma. ("The prize is not won without dust.")
  • Alternate Motto: Nocte Volamus. ("Who dares wins.")

Although the rules of Heraldry are quite prescribed, the fact is that the style of the crest, or coat-of-arms, is a matter of choice of the bearer. With regard to the Yarbrough Coat-of-Arms, all variants bear the same characteristics:
(1) Colors: pale argent (silver) and azure (blue);
(2) Shield: more or less traditional in shape with a chevron (upside down "Vee") between three chaplets, all counterchanged (colors swapped);
(3) Crest: a falcon close (belled gold), preying on a cock pheasant or duck (mallard) proper (normal position -- not inverted), although some renditions may show the bird inverted;
(4) Motto: [traditional]"Non est sine pulvere palma." (Literal: The prize is not won without dust.") alterante: "Nocte Volamus."("Who dares, wins.")

Thus, the depictions below are perfectly good coats-of-arms. The rendition on the right was adapted from the version used by Charles David Yarborough.

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