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Welcome to our site!

Our Yarbrough forebears were among the earliest arrivals to the New World, settling in and around what is now Amelia, King William and New Kent Counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Prior to that, they were part of one of the oldest Houses of Old England, tracing their ancestry back to the mid-ninth century. Originally, the family were Danish, but it found roots in Linclolnshire and Yorkshire.

This is the home site is for The Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc. It is for all Yarbroughs, however the name may be spelled — there are a hundred or more variations of its spelling. No matter, we are all still part of an extended family with a rich heritage. There's various kinds of material available at this site: past publications, genealogical records for some of the family lines that have been researched and documented, and the family journal, The Yarbrough Family Quarterly.

The Association currently has two on-going projects. One is a DNA Project, which has been acquiring a database of Yarbrough DNA test results. So far, there are several family groups that have been identified. More test results are needed to complete the genetic picture of our family, so we encourage everyone -- especially those whose lineages are not well researched -- to undergo a 37 marker test.

The second project consists of digitizing the more than 220 volumes of family genealogical records. These records have been amassed over the life of the YNGHA. While we have been able to make them available to our members during our annual conferences, it really doesn't make sense to keep them locked up in a storeroom somewhere in between conferences. At present, we have digitized about half of the total holdings, and our goal is to have everthing digitized and indexed in time for the 2015 Conference in Dallas this coming September.

If you are a Yarbrough (however you spell your name) or are a member of an allied family, we invite you to join the Association. We would be pleased to share our knowledge, records and even some family trivia with you. You're also invited to visit our FaceBook page. There's usually something of interest for the family genealogists.

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