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YNGHA Members Group

Join the Yarbrough Family Group on Facebook®. There's always something of interest there. It's a great way to pose questions or ask for information about family lineages.

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Besides information about the extended Yarbrough and allied families, there are tips for family researchers, as well as information about DNA testing.

If you have an announcement about a family reunion or suggested site links, please send to the . We would be pleased to add them. No ads, please.

This is one of several family crests depicted in the "Great Window" of Heslington Hall, York University.

This crest was used at one time by the Yarbrough Family Quarterly.


We are very pleased you dropped by. This site is devoted to the extended Yarbrough and allied families. While there are a hundred–odd variant spellings of our name, we are all part of the Yarbrough family. The family traces its roots back to the mid–ninth century, AD. It's been in the New World since ca 1642, when Richard ("The Immigrant") Yarborough arrived and settled on Pamunkey Creek in the Virginia Colony. Since then, the family has spread across the southeastern and southwestern states and the far west, with others scattered across the rest of the country.

The photo at the right is of the 139 volumes of our Yarbrough Family Records, which were at the conference last year in Dallas, TX. This year, there will be 159 volumes, both in hard copy and on DVDs available to conference attendees. While it's not set in concrete yet, it's hoped that there will be several given away as random door prizes at the conference. The DVDs are fully searchable and each volume is indexed. When not at the family conference or other events, these records will reside at the Williamson County Library in Franklin, TN.

Join Us at the 34th Yarbrough National Family Conference!

Oct. 6 – 7, 2017
Quality Inn & Suites Patriots Point
196 Patriots Point Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

  • Served by Charleston, SC Airport
  • Complimentary parking and wi-fi
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Exercise Room & Outdoor Pool
  • Reservations: 1-843-856-8817 or online

Mount Pleasant is conveniently located across the river from Old Town, Charleston, SC.

Rooms are $125.99 plus a 12.5% lodgings tax.
Please cite the Group Code XH7MT2 when making room reservation(s).

Click here for a listing of other lodgings near the Conference venue.

ALL registrations are DUE 30 days (September 3rd) before the Conference begins.
ALL Banquet and reservations should be made by this time.

{The banquet is at 6:30pm, Saturday, October 7th.}

Registration fee: $25.00/person  Banquet fee: $45.00/person

Registration and banquet fees may be paid online with PayPaltm, credit/debit card or
mailed to (with a check or money order) the YNGHA.

A tentative schedule for the conference is available. See the The Yarbrough Family Quarterly for further information.

Last Chance! Please pay your 2017 dues by July 15th, either with PayPal or by mail. After this date, members who haven't paid since 2015 will be purged from the roster and from access to the YNGHA members pages of the website. We hate to do this, but it's gotta be done. Besides providing for the web site and the Quarterly, members' dues allows us to carry our various projects relating to our heritage and history.

An Invitation...

If you are a Yarbrough or a member of an allied family, we would be very pleased to have you as a member of the Association. The Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc. (YNGHA) represents the extended Yarbrough and allied families. A not-for-profit organization, the YNGHA came into being when a group of dedicated family members corrected the grave marker of the family's oldest known ancestor. We're quite proud of the heritage and history of our extended families, and the site has been configured to share as much as possible with our visitors. We ask only that our visitors register and/or sign-in to view other pages at this site.

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