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We are very pleased you dropped by. This site is devoted to the extended Yarbrough and allied families. While there are a hundred–odd variant spellings of our name, we are all part of one of the dozen or so oldest English houses. Our family traces its roots back to the mid–ninth century, AD.

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This is the gateway page for members of the Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc. (YNGHA). We're quite proud of the heritage and history of our extended families, and the site has been configured to share as much as possible with our visitors. We ask only that our visitors register and sign-in to view other pages at this site. The YNGHA is also a corporate body; while that may be of interest to non-members, much of it is corporate data and information and thus is not shared. The records that are accessible here contain some of our intellectual property; those records we wish to safeguard as much as practicable.

Our knowledge is available to anyone who requests it. A fee is charged for some records. In return for the use of our records, we ask only that full attribution be given to whatever use may be made of our records.

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All volumes are indexed and searchable with Adobe® Acrobat Reader. A preview of each of these volumes is now online, but the complete files are maintained offline.

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The Blandford Series will be a undergoing a continuing review and editing process. The focus of this effort is to correct as many of the deficiencies that exist in many of the volumes comprising the series. Members who remain in paid up status are entitled to updated versions of volumes which they may have purchased. Simply respond by email or letter to any notices of volume upgrades that may be published, either on this site or in The Yarbrough Family Quarterly.

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We Yarbroughs represent the character which makes our nation great. While there is little doubt that our roots are from one of the oldest houses of Old England, we in America are yeomanry through and through. We are farmers, craftsmen, merchants, doctors, teachers, clergy, performing artists, civil servants, warriors, and more. Without us and our kind, life as we know it would be considerably different. We believe in our Maker, our family, our country, and ourselves. We do not accept charity from the state; rather, we give to others as much as we can. We do not whine and complain about our lot; we do what we can as best we can. We believe in leaving each place better than when we arrived. Above all, we respect others and welcome them into our lives. We have a strong sense of duty, civic pride, and a firm belief in justice. All in all, we are a good family, and each of us make it so.
Leonard Yarbrough
This first appeared in The Yarbrough Family Quarterly, Volume 20, Nr. 2, pg. 10.

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This is one of several family crests depicted in the "Great Window" of Heslington Hall, York University.

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