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If you are a Yarbrough (however you spell your name) or are a member of an allied family, we invite you to join the Association. We would be pleased to share our knowledge, records and even some family trivia with you. You're also invited to visit our FaceBook page. It's an active forum for exchanging visitor's ancestral data.

October 2015 Issue of the Quarterly

The October issue of The Yarbrough Family Quarterly is now available. This issue provides the actions and activities of the conference, as well as some family news and more about the Blandford Series of family records, which are now available on a single DVD! These volumes are offered as a complete set, as individual volumes, and for selected family ancestors, as a set of family volumes. These volumes are indexed and searchable with Adobe® Acrobat Reader. Dues paying members of the Association receive a discount.

Browse the Master Index; it's quite impressive!

Master Index (A through Max)      Master Index (May through Z)

Pricing and ordering information are at The Yarbrough Store.

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For some time, we've been positioning our site to accommodate several levels of membership, as well as strengthening the protection of our intellectual property. Many of the changes to this site have been ready for implementing for over a year; others will be introduced as they are fully tested. Part of the testing addresses some changes in PayPal's payment formatting and will correct errors those changes introduced.

Other changes will be announced as they are implemented.

Conference Highlights

This display marked the last appearance of
paper records at a conference. These records
are now in digital format.
The turnout was small, but the quality was outstanding, and another chapter in our family history is completed. The digitized and re-bound copies of our record holdings was the center of attention, and it generated a lot of buzz on our FaceBook page. We've a few photographs of the conference online --there'll be more as they become available. There'll be highlights of the business meetings of the Board of Directors and the general memberhsip as soon as those have been edited.

This was a seminal time for the YNGHA — it marked the end of an era of the conference being primarily focussed around fellowship and researching the many volumes of records. Instead, a new purpose was embraced, beginning with the matter of how best to make these records available to our members and the general public. These records are our intellectual property; as such, they are valuable. Their maintenance requires funding support which heretofore had been underwritten by members' dues. While this may seem to be a fairly straight-forward matter to address, it generated considerable discussion, from which an acquisition policy emerged.

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Use of Genealogical Records & Personal Information

The YNGHA collects ancestral as part of its mission. This information is shared with others, in order to further complete the history of our extended and allied families. The YNGHA also collects personal information. As a matter of policy, personal information is used solely for the conduct of the Association's affairs. Questions concerning this matter may be addressed to the YNGHA.

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YNGHA Members Group

Join the Yarbrough Family Group on Facebook. There's always something of interest here. It's a great way to swap information about your ancestral origins.

About the Blandford Series

It seemed fitting to designate the set of our scanned paper volumes after the location where our earliest New World immigrant spent most of his lifetime (and becoming the first interment in the Old Blandford Church Cemetery in Petersburg, Virginia.

Know your oldest ancestor? Peter Yerburgh's History of the Yarbrough Family (Volume 135 of The Blandford Series) traces the history of the purported eleventh oldest English family house. This is a definitive history of our family's origins. Also, check our catalog for The Blandford Series of Family Records. We're up-dating ordering and pricing for those who wish to obtain a copy of any or all of these volumes.

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