The Blandford Series Catalog of Files

It is popularly believed that most of our Yarbrough Family lines stem from Richard Yarbrough who immigrated to the Virginia Colony circa 1642. He is buried in a place of honor at the front of Old Blandford Church in Petersburg, Virginia. The early Yarbroughs soon began to move southwesterly through the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and points west. The majority of Yarbroughs today are located in the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, with a scattering of families in the remaining states of the country.

The originals of these volumes are now kept for the benefit of future generations by the Williamson County Library, Franklin, Tennessee.

These records comprise a part of the written legacy of our Yarbrough family researchers. Many were provided by Ophelia Kessler and Frances (Rea) Donohue, sisters from Texas, who spent much of their lives traveling the states in search of Yarbrough family records. Some of these records have since been superseded by subsequent research, yet they nonetheless comprise a valuable record set of our family history.

We welcome the submission of any Yarbrough famly information that can be added to our growing data base.

Master Index

1. Aaron – Max    2. May – Zollecoffee

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  1. Addison Thomas Yarbrough
    Extended Family of Vestal Yarbrough
    Pedigree of Old Yarbrough Cemetery Records Davidson Co, (Lexington)
    NC 1992 Conference, Richmond, VA

    Many of these records are in poor shape, barely legible.

  2. Alford, Green & Yarbrough (Texas Yarbroughs)

  3. Alfred Yarbrough (12/12/1792) NC & Sumter Co.
    Also Elisha Roe Area of NC & AL

  4. Alfred Yarbrough Son of Elisha & Mary Martha Yarbrough

  5. Ambrose Yarbrough
    Samuel Yarbrough

  6. Amon Yarbrough (Rev.)
    Britton Yarbrough, Humphrey Yarbrough
    James Newall Yarbrough & Wiley Yarbrough

  7. Ancestors of William Thomas Yarbrough
    References include
    Richard, Edmond, Aquila, Levi William & William Thomas Yarbrough
    Letters from Family Genealogists

  8. Assorted Yarbroughs in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina

  9. Assorted Yarbroughs from the American Revolution to Texas

  10. Benjamin Franklin Yarbrough & Patience Angeline Kelly
    Also Worley, John, Frank & Miscellaneous Texas Listings

  11. Benjamin Yarbrough ca 1800 Henry Co.,

  12. Benjamin, Gideon, & Jeremiah Yarbrough
    Miscellaneous Records

  13. Beram (Biran) Yarbrough

  14. Byrun Yarbrough, Cooke County, TX
    Andrew Yarbrough
    Desc. of Nathaniel E. Yarbrough, Limestone CO, TX
    Various Texas Counties' Information
    Pipe County, Arkansas

  15. Cemetery & Marriage Records
    Decatur County, TN

  16. Cemetery Records
    Bride Index & Early Marriage Records
    Decatur County, TN

  17. Cemetery Records AL, LA, NC, , TN & TX

  18. Charles Hubert Yarbrough, Moses Yarbrough
    Ambrose Yarbrough & Mary Mason, et al

  19. Cherokee County, Texas
    (Includes Nimrod Yarbrough, Crawford County, GA)

  20. Colonial Virginia Records of Multiple Yarbroughs

  21. Compilation of South Carolina Yarbrough 1990 — 1850

  22. Compilation of Yarbroughs in County Records of VA, SC, GA & AL

  23. Crockett Davis Yarbrough, John & Verer Yarbrough
    Elijah Yarborough & Keziah (1)
    Elijah Yarborough & Julia Jones (2)
    Desc. of Thomas G Yarbrough (1785)
    Frederick Cleveland Yarbrough (1882 – 1955)
    Joshua Yarbrough & Sarah

  24. David Yarbrough, Littleton Yarbrough
    The Four Manoah Yarbroughs

  25. Edmund Yarbrough & Sophia Gosset (Gostwick)
    Decatur CO, TN History & Miscellany

  26. Edmund Yarbrough & Sophia Gostwick

  27. Edmund Yarbrough & Sophia Gostwick

  28. Edward Yarbrough & Sarah Wormley

  29. Edward Yarbrough
    (a cousin of Manoah Yarbrough, St. Clair CO, AL)
    The 1982 Conference, St. Louis, MO

  30. Elisha Yarbrough & Sarah Pickney (Pinckney Haywood CO, NC)

  31. Genealogy Report from The Yarbrough Data Base

  32. Gideon Yarbrough & Nancy Scarbrough

  33. Gilson Yarbrough, Moses Yarbrough, et al Records

  34. Gustavus Yarbrough & Jane Keller

  35. Hanover County, VA Yarbroughs
    Elisha Yarbrough & Sarah Pinkney (1)
    Elisha Yarbrough & Anna Plummer (2)
    Thomas J Yarbrough, John Wesley Yarbrough, William T Yarbrough

  36. Henry Murray Yarbrough & Elizabeth Fenner
    Fenner Murray Yarbrough Family
    Limestone County and Related Records

  37. Henry Wylie Yarbrough, Burleson, TX

  38. Henry & Martha Robinson
    Children, Grandchildren & Allied Families

  39. Henry Yarbrough & Martha Robinson, Limestone Co., AL
    Also Ambrose Yarbrough, Archibald Yarbrough & Betsy Sherrod

  40. Henry Yarbrough & Martha Robinson, Limestone Co., AL
    Incl. John Wesley Yarbrough, William Jefferson Yarbrough

  41. Henry Yarbrough & Martha Robinson
    Thomas Yarbrough, son of Henry Yarbrough, Jr., and Nancy Murray
    Also David, Martha Ann & Wylie Yarbrough, Limestone County, Alabama

  42. Henry Yarbrough (ca1738 – ca1760) & Elizabeth Murray (ca1744 – 1807)

  43. Humphrey Yarbrough (ca 1710 – 1788) Mary Lee (1); Elizabeth Baker (2)

  44. Isaac Yarbrough & Descendants
    James T, Nancy, Isaac Estes, Moses, William & John E.

  45. Isaac Yarbrough, Early Yarbrough History

  46. Jackson Brooks I, Johnnie Lee Yarbrough; Brooks & Kessler Families
    (Allied Families of John Swanson Yarbrough)

  47. James D. Yarbrough 1777

  48. James E Yarbrough & Descendants
    Levi William Yarbrough & Descendants

  49. James Lindsey Brooks
    An Allied Family of the John Swanson Yarbrough Family
    Records, Photographs & Notes

  50. James Yarbrough (Rev.) ca 1830 William Yarbrough 1799

  51. James Yarbrough (ca 1835) & Amelia Lee
    Children Joseph, William, (Rev) Ambrose & Mary

  52. James Yarbrough 1779, Roger Yarbrough, Randle (Randolph) Yarbrough

  53. James Walton Yarbrough (1785)

  54. Jeremiah Yarbrough

  55. Joel Yarbrough & Agnes

  56. John A Yarbrough, son of Daniel Jefferson Yarbrough

  57. John Dandridge; Moses Yarbrough, et al
    Marriage Record Books: Jefferson Co., AR
    Moses Yarber; Yarbrough Family by Motte Junis Yarbrough
    Charles Yarbrough & Elizabeth

  58. John M & Sarah Yarbrough
    W P Yarbrough, Randle (Randolph) Yarbrough,
    George Yarbrough, William Yarbrough, Enos Yarbrough, et al
    Early Kentucky Records, Valley Forge Papers

  59. John M Yarbrough & Sarah Rice
    Ambrose Yarbrough & Mary Mason, et al

  60. John Swanson Yarbrough

  61. John Swanson Yarbrough
    Allied Families of Braummett, Busch (Bush), Craig, Crawford, Pettijohn, Winter, et al

  62. John Swanson Yarbrough
    Assorted Documents, Records & Stories

  63. John Swanson Yarbrough
    East Texas Records, Four Generation Charts

  64. John Swanson Yarbrough
    Elias Yarbrough Benton County, AR
    Misc. Arkansas Records
    Thomas Newton Yerberry, Gibson County, TN:
    Francis Yarbrough

  65. John Swanson Yarbrough
    Allied Families of Alford, Brooks, Hearne, Hollis, Hornsby, Kerrigan, Moore, Ratliff, Tilley, Walker, et al

  66. John Yarborough (1777) & Charles Yarborough (1771) Montgomery County, NC
    John Yarborough (1828) & Lucy Ann Nelson
    John Yarbrough & Bersherba Harris, et al
    (Includes Thomas Yarbrough & Mary Jane + children)

  67. John Yarbrough & Elizabeth, et al

  68. John Yarbrough & Margaret "Peggy" Coffman
    Multiple Yarbroughs in AL, TN, TX

  69. John Yarbrough & Nancy Raven Groves Yarbrough & Martha Langston
    Wiley Yarbrough & Eliza Ferguson

  70. John Yarborough (1828 – ca 1885) & Lucinda Swain
    John Yarbrough & Sarah Sanford
    Pleasant Josiah Yarbrough & Mary A Jackson

  71. John Yarbrough (ca 1755 – 1816) & Elizabeth Clements

  72. John Yarbrough (1755 – 1826) & Elizabeth Edwards
    John Wesley Yarbrough (1813 – 1879) & Amanda Lane
    George Wesley Yarbrough (1838 – 1922) John Yarbrough (1785)
    Elam Yarbrough, Joseph Yarbrough, Meredith Yarbrough,
    Frank Curtis Yarbrough, Larkin Yarbrough, Nathan Yarbrough

  73. John Yarbrough (ca 1756 – 1816) & Elizabeth Clements
    Descendants from Fairfield Co., NC to Texas

  74. Joseph Isaac Yarborough & Martha (Hargrove) Miller
    Yarbrough & Rebecca Clark, SC, Marion Co., MS
    John Wesley Yarbrough & Kiziah Lee

  75. Joseph Randolph Yarbrough & Phoebe Clementine Crawford
    Assorted Records

  76. Joshua Yarbrough Generation Charts
    Virginia Tax Payers
    George W Yarbrough & Nancy Gibbons
    The Eppes Family
    Richard Yarbrough (The Immigrant)
    Joseph D Yarbro & Thurza A Weaver
    William Dock Yarbro & Eliza Jane Calloway
    Jeff Davis Yarbro & Ada Francis Caraway

  77. Joshua Yarbrough, Sr and Jr
    Gideon , James, Jeptha, Micajah, Ruben, William & Others

  78. Lewis Yarbrough & Henrietta Felps (Phelps?)
    Lewis Yarbrough & Elizabeth Humphries
    Lewis Yarbrough & Milly Pritchett McMurray & Allied Families

  79. Madison County, AL, Death & Legal Notices
    Franklin Co., NC
    Abstracts of Land Records, Franklin Co.,
    Georgia Family Records
    Tennessee Marriage Records
    Various Yarbrough Family Group Records

  80. Manoah Yarbrough & Descendants
    AL, GA, NC, SC & VA Records & Descriptions

  81. Marion Yarbrough's Database
    The Yarbrough Directory
    Miscellaneous Records & Photographs

  82. Marion Yarbrough's Database
    Revised & Expanded

  83. Marriage Records
    Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri & North Carolina

  84. Memorabilia of Ophelia Kessler and Rea Donohue
    Descendants of John Swanson Yarbrough
    The Allied Brooks and Kessler Families

  85. Milan Co., Texas Yarbroughs

  86. Miscellaneous VA & NC Records
    William Yarbrough, Joseph Yarbrough, et al

  87. Multiple Yarbroughs in Multiple States

  88. Native American Research Southern States
    A Compendium of Information for Researchers

  89. Needham, Obediah & Solomon S Yarbrough
    Desc. of Thomas Yarbrough, Lincoln Co., TN

  90. Nimrod Yarbrough, Nimrod B. Yarbrough
    Elam Yarbrough
    Lauderdale & Troup Counties, GA
    Cherokee & Rusk Counties, TX

  91. Nimrod Yarbrough, son of Thomas Yarbrough, Sr.

  92. Peter Sanderfer Yarbrough, Mary Orr, Hicks, Herring, Chatham Co., NC
    Pleasant Josiah Yarbrough & Descendants

  93. Pioneer Families of Sumter Co., AL

  94. Primrose Yarbrough; Marion Yarbrough; Yancey Yarbrough
    (States): Hunt Co., TX– Sussex Co., VA & Others
    Ancestor Grigg Yarborough ca 1715

  95. Richard to Zacharia Yarbrough
    21 Names Compiled by Sidney Yarbrough

  96. Richard Yarborough and His Contemporaries in Colonial Virginia

  97. Richard Yarborough ca 1615 – 1702

  98. Samuel Yarbrough & Penelope Lutton
    John Calvin Yarbrough & Molly Morris
    Davis Yarbrough (1811) & Nancy (1819)
    Tranlin L, Jerucian J, Albert J, Penelope E

  99. Senator Ralph W Yarborough & Opal Warren
    Family Records, Remembrances & Letters

  100. Texas Census (1900) Data Base of Yarbrough Surnames
    Some Panola County, TX Yarbroughs

  101. Thomas G Yarbrough and His Many Descendants

  102. Thomas Grigg (1674 – 1758) & Sarah Lewis

  103. Thomas Griggs Yarbrough & Elizabeth Lewis (1)
    Thomas Griggs Yarbrough & Mary Spurlock (2)
    Thomas Griggs Yarbrough & Rachel Unk. (3)

  104. Thomas Griggs Yarbrough and Allied Families
    (Griggs, Bachus, Sherlock, Sansoucie, Emily and others)

  105. Thomas H Yarbrough & Martha Harris, et al

  106. Thomas L Yarbrough Family
    History Roots in Newman Swamp and
    Philadelphia Sections of Darlington Co., SC

  107. Thomas Yarbrough, son of Zachariah Yarbrough
    {See Volume 114 —the Merrill family is an allied family.}

  108. Thomas Yarbrough, Sr., el al, including John Yarbrough & Martha Zachary
    Littleton Yarbrough & Elizabeth Beale
    Nimrod Yarbrough, Moses Gilamn Yarbrough
    Henry Yarbrough & Mary Cunningham
    Manoah Yarbrough & Mary Cunningham
    Archibald Yarbrough & Anne, Hannah Yarbrough

  109. Thomas Yerby & William Yerby

  110. Tipton County, TN, Yarbroughs
    Henry, William, Andrew, Edward, Landon

  111. William Yarbrough (SC & TN) & Descendants
    Wade Hampton Yarbrough Family
    Raymond Yarbrough's Family Monographs

  112. William Levi Yarbrough, Benton & Henry Co., TN

  113. William M & Silas F Yarberry & Allied Families

  114. William Merrill, Jemima Yarbrough Merrill, et al

  115. William R Yarberry. Elizabeth Nicholson, Randall A. Yarberry

  116. William Yarbrough & Bethsheba
    Harvey Yarbrough & Margaret Nathaniel & Sefronia Henry & Emiline, George & Margaret
    William C Yarbrough & P C Speer

  117. William Yarbrough & Elizabeth Handley
    William Yarbrough I (1722 – 1771), Prince Edward County, VA
    William Yarbrough, Sr. & Martha
    William Yarbrough, Sr. & Rachel Shelby

  118. William Yarbrough (ca 1765?) & Descendants

  119. Widely Used Yarbrough Surnames (Variants)
    List of Yarbrough Marriages

  120. William Yarbrough; Moses Yarbrough & Mary Murrah
    Mary E Yarbrough & Hiram Woodruff
    Nancy S Yarbrough & Joseph H King
    Rebecca F Yarbrough & R F Smith
    Edward Moses Yarbrough and Ellen Suttle
    Thomas Yarbrough & Jemima Merrill
    James L Yarbrough; Lucinda Yarbrough
    Martha C Yarbrough & Silas Whitten

  121. William Yerby, Enoch Yerby, Betty Yerby, et al
    Dinwiddie County, Virginia & Other Records

  122. William Yerby, John Yerby, George Yerby, Thomas Yerby
    Lancaster Co., VA Records

  123. Yarbrough Family Data Sheets

  124. Yarbrough Family Records from the Mormon Church Records 1989
    Part 1: Books and References Available
    Part 2: Family Record Sheets
    Part 3: United States Records Alphabetically by States
    Part 4: Selected IGI Entries

  125. Yarbrough Genealogical Sheets, Various

  126. Yarbrough Research Records

  127. Yarbrough, Wade, Gibbons & Eppes; Devin & Howell Families

  128. Yarbroughs and Allied Families of Newberry Co., SC

  129. Yarbroughs by States (Early Census Records)
    AL, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA

  130. Yarbroughs in Georgia

  131. Yarbroughs of Hunt County, Texas

  132. Yarbroughs of Smith Co., TX
    By Way of Mecklenburg Co., NC , Darlington, SC & Decatur Co., TN
    John Yarbro, Henry Yarbro, William E Yarbro, John T Yarbro

  133. Yarbroughs of Stewart Co., TN
    Nancy Sallager, Davis Jon Yarbrough (1790), Halifax Co., NC

  134. The Yerburgh Family History

  135. The Collected Articles of Charles Peter Yerburgh

  136. Zachariah Yarbrough & Elizabeth Dowd
    Manoah Yarbrough & Mary Cunningham (1)
    Manoah Yarbrough & Martha E Hobbs (2)
    Littleton Yarbrough & Nancy Ashcraft
    Harvey Yarbrough

  137. Zachariah Yarbrough (1731)
    Records from Missouri & Memphis, TN

  138. Zachariah Yarbrough Lines, Yarbrough Marriages, Tipton Co., TN
    Elizabeth Dowd Yarbrough, Manoah Yarbrough

  139. Zachariah Yarbrough
    Charles Yarbrough, Thomas Yarbrough, William Penn Yarbrough, et al

  140. Thomas Yarbrough 1674 – 1758
    Son of John Yarbrough of King William Co., VA
    Alexander, Archibald, Manoah, John
    Thomas, Henry & Zachariah

  141. The Yarbrough Family Quarterly
    by Nelle Morris Jenkins

  142. The Yarborough Family Magazine
    by Charles David Yarborough

  143. The Interim Yarbrough Family Magazine
    by Charles H Yarbro

  144. Yarbroughs in AL, AR, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA
    Marriages, Cemeteries, Miscellany

  145. Joshua Yarborough, Sr. (ca 1720)
    Children: James, Micajah, Joshua, Jr., Jeptha

  146. John Wesley Yarbrough & Naomia Messer

  147. Lewis Lironus Yarbrough & Sons

  148. Ambrose Yarbrough, ca 1740

  149. James Yarbrough
    Son of Henry Yarbrough & Martha Robinson
    Samuel Yarbrough
    Son of James Yarbrough

  150. William Yarbrough, son of
    Edmund Yarbrough & Sophia Gostwisk
    Allied Fisher Families

  151. Joshua Yarbrough
    Uriah, George, Greenbury, Nathan & Reuben Yarbrough
    Copies of Source Documents

  152. Various Yarbrough
    Correspondence & Miscellany

  153. (Rev.) Aaron Yarborough
    Son of Thomas Yarborough & Jemima Merrill

  154. Yarbroughs of Leon County, TX
    George Washington Yarbrough (1805), et al

  155. Littleton Yarbrough & Nancy Ashcraft

  156. Brooks and Other Allied Families
    of John Swanson Yarbrough

  157. Moses Yarbrough & Frances Foote
    Sons Owen & Gilson

  158. Thomas Yarbrough (ca 1768)
    son of James Walton Yarbrough & Elizabeth Harris

  159. The Families of Ruth Shipp Yarbrough
    and Madison Simeon Yarbrough
    The basis of the book, Remember Who You Are

  160. Part 1 of
    William & Martha Yarbrough
    and the
    Allied Families of Davis, Knott and McIntire

  161. Part 2 of
    William & Martha Yarbrough
    and the
    Allied Families of Davis, Knott and McIntire

  162. Part 3 of
    William & Martha Yarbrough
    and the
    Allied Families of Davis, Knott and McIntire

  163. Widely Used Yarbrough Surnames (Variants)
    List of Yarbrough Marriages

  164. It Begins with Moses
    (Moses Yarborough)

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